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I was washing dishes last night and happened to read the lid of this cookie dough container.

Look closely.

Shelf life:
Frozen: 1 year
Refrigerated: 6 months
Room temperature: 21 days

21 DAYS? What is IN this stuff that makes cookie dough shelf stable for 3 WEEKS????? YUCK!!

Now as for how the container got in my house. . .my inlaws use a variety of containers to store their homemade ice cream when they make it. It just happened to hold the homemade ice cream that I brought home with me last week when we were there.

The ingredient list is really long and honestly I didn’t take the time to read it. Just the shelf life label grossed me out!

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4 thoughts on “YUCK!”

  1. That’s a little scary to think about. “What is lurking in the cookie dough?” That would be a good report for a heath segment on the news.

  2. Thats the cookie dough Emi’s school sells. It’s actually really good except the peanut butter ones!

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