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After buying the Little Girls, Big Style book a few weeks ago, I decided a ruffle foot for my sewing machine would probably make things easier. I’d been wanting one for a while, but just hadn’t gotten one yet.

Finally I was able to order one. It came, and I was excited. Until I used it. :O) It wasn’t as easy as it first appeared.

This morning I was looking around the internet for good ruffle foot instructions because I really needed help with it. Have you ever heard of the site They have a free 30-page pdf file all about how to use the ruffle foot, and it even includes instructions for how to calculate the amount of fabric needed for each ruffle! Most of the other instructions I’d found just tell how to ruffle without actually giving any indication of how much fabric is needed.

What a help! It’s getting me excited to get out my machine to try the ruffle foot again. Anna’s birthday is just a few weeks away and the girl LOVES ruffly and frilly dresses. Looks like I’d better get busy, and I’m hoping the process is easier now that I *think* I know how to use the ruffler. . .

We’ll see!

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9 thoughts on “Ruffle foot”

  1. How bout I made a skirt for Emily and after I made it realized it was a miss pattern not a kids! At least it fit my niece! I’m gonna have to adjust the pattern. It was not written on the envelope it was a miss pattern, oh well lol

  2. Can’t wait to see the the frilly dresses you make! I’l drool over them and dream of the day that God blesses me with a baby girl;)

    1. Really? Why is that? It just seems tedious to me to do it by gathering.

      Now after messing with the ruffler and still trying to figure it out. . .I’m wondering if it really would be easier to just gather!

  3. Yes, please keep us updated on the ruffle foot. I have been thinking about ordering one but just haven’t taken the plunge….

  4. Let me know how it goes. I’m On the mission of making Emi skirts and dresses for school. It’s nice to save money but it’s getting harder to find the right length. I figure God gave me the talent to help out with this! I just bought a lot of Patterns @ hobby lobby for $.99 such a great deal. Do you ever make knit dresses or anything?

    1. I will. Length on girls’ dresses is a mess now – I can’t believe how short they are!

      Haven’t really worked with knit much, though I have considered it. It seems like it’d be really good for play dresses. Hobby Lobby had some cute knits last time we were there that I almost bought. . .

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