Freezer cooking ideas

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Here are some of the ideas I’m considering to put up for when baby comes. A lot of it will be determined by space in the freezer as we just downsized to a much smaller one. I’m also thinking to just make double at mealtimes and freeze the extra, rather than having a couple huge cooking days.


Quick Lunches:
Corn dog muffins – used a different cornbread recipe but my family loved these
Sloppy joe muffins
Tacos in a sleeping bag

Just meats:
Taco meat
Chicken strips for fajitas/wraps – some taco seasoned, some plain
Hamburger patties (maybe not; need to figure out how to make these come out not so dry)

Pizzas (if there’s room)
Tomato soup (canned)

Garlic bread
Hamburger buns – I’ll wait on these until the very end since our freezer is really small

Cappuccino muffins (can’t find the link to this now – I’m sorry!)
Sweet breads – zucchini, apple, banana, pumpkin – or make into muffins
Chocolate chip cookies
Topping for Fresh Fruit Crisps – not frozen but jarred

Mixes to make:
Soup mix – rinse beans ahead, add dry seasonings
Bread – one loaf size – all dry ingredients minus yeast, add yeast when making (for some reason mixes made up with yeast added don’t do as well for me)

Also plan out meals for months of October, November, and first part of December ahead of time. I’m working on complete menus for July and August right now.

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4 thoughts on “Freezer cooking ideas”

  1. Aldi has a good cresent roll in there freezer section. Also what about Phillo dough? I guess that’s spelled right lol. That might work too.

    1. Phyllo – it’s different but I’m not sure exactly how since I’ve never used it. What I understand is that it bakes up firmer (crispy vs. soft and flaky) but I’m not 100% on that.

    1. Interesting idea, aren’t they? We just don’t buy crescent rolls though……so I’m still trying to figure out how to make them otherwise (I’m not going to make them from scratch!).

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