Apple pie

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Apple pie

On Monday, I made an apple pie. It looked all right and tasted pretty good.

The crust was a complete flop though. I tried a new recipe from – just searched for pie crust and selected one based on high ratings. Then I substituted coconut oil for the shortening. What a total failure.

It was actually kind of puzzling. I’ve been using coconut oil instead of shortening for a long time now, and have never had any bad results in any other recipe. But this time was different. The crust wouldn’t hold together for anything! All I can think of was that I didn’t let it chill in the fridge long enough (the recipe didn’t call to chill the dough at all). The bottom crust I started working immediately, and put the rest of the dough in the fridge to chill until I was ready for it. It just kept breaking and falling apart. I called my mother-in-law for help and she probably thinks I’m completely inept in the kitchen from our “my pie crust looks awful!” conversation. It was easier to work with the top crust, so chilling it did seem to help some.

It was the flakiest pie crust I have EVER eaten. It also would have been better with a touch more salt in it as it tasted a little bit bland. But other than that. . .I think I just might try the recipe again. . .maybe. . .

There is a reason I don’t make pies that often. Pie crusts and I just do not get along!

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4 thoughts on “Apple pie”

  1. Don’t feel to bad I made bread today and it was pretty ugly tasted ok however it was alittle chewy not sure why as I have only made bread a few times. I hope I can atleast do my yogurt and granola bars right. I will venture pie and pie crust soon Im sure. anyway always enjoy your posts. Also i was inspired to let you know that I did have an answerd prayer last night. We were in major need of some food and i continued to pray and pray when my sister in law called and said she was moving and didnt have room to take the food where she was going so she was sending it over to us. Lots of canned veggies and and such it will last for a few days atleast. Have a blessed night.

    1. Praise the Lord! We have had times like that. They’re hard when you’re in the middle of them, but it always amazes me how God chooses to work. Thanks for sharing it with me!!

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