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Today there were two new books in the mail.
Large Family Logistics has been on my to-get list for quite a while now. Their website was very helpful to me several years ago, so I was looking forward to reading the book once it came out. A lot of the info seems to be the same as what’s on the website, but it is so nice to have a copy that I don’t have to be sitting at the computer to read.

Little Girls, Big Style. . . .This book. . .oh my. A friend on an online forum recommended it, and I LOVE it so far! The projects are so easy to understand – which seems like it will make them go quicker, and they are so CUTE! I am absolutely itching to start sewing some of the projects for Anna. It is also making me want to go to our local quilt shop, but I’m trying to postpone that trip because they have SO much in there it’s easy to spend a fortune.

The pictures above link to the books on Amazon. I’m not an Amazon affiliate or anything, but thought it would be easier for those interested to learn more about the books to do so that way.

Stay tuned for more about the books. . .I’m sure I’ll post pictures of any of the sewing projects, at least. . .

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4 thoughts on “In my mailbox”

  1. Carrie – that’s what I keep hearing about clothing. It makes me want to sew everything for Anna, though that really isn’t very realistic….

  2. That looks like a neat book! I wish I were able to sew more clothes for our daughter. I’m just not very good at it on my own. The older she gets the harder it is to find cute appropriate clothing for her!

  3. Tammy, with your sewing skill level, you will probably find everything REALLY easy. My favorite thing about it is that they encourage altering the patterns to get different looks, and since I do that anyway, it’s nice to have more comments and guidance as to where and how much.

    I am absolutely LOVING the book so far though!!!

  4. I saw the second book online last night, I think on a blog, and I have it reserved at my library! I hope I get it soon.

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