Finally back home

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Last week we took a last-minute whirlwind trip to see my family in Michigan. It was wonderful seeing family again.

We got home late last night after getting stuck on the interstate for over an hour due to an accident. I’m just thankful we weren’t in that accident. We’re tired, the kids are too, and it is a lot warmer here in SC than it was back in MI. But I’m glad we went. My mom, sister-in-law, and I went to a bunch of garage sales, we took the kids to an Army band concert, Mom had a ton of extended family over, we had to take Anna to the ER (she’s fine now), and we visited the church I grew up in. It was a short trip but it was really nice to be back again for a little while.

Now. . .back to our regular schedule. . .and hopefully there’s some rest in it somewhere. Our garden is about to explode and it looks like there will be lots of canning needing to be done in the next couple weeks.

So. . .off to get more done before piano students start coming through the house. I am SO glad to be home!!!

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