Pictures from our trip

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watching concert
Watching the Army band concert

getting balloons
Getting balloon animals at the concert

Mommy and Anna

Caleb and crane
Playing the crane my dad made for my brother 25+ years ago

Poppy and Anna
Grandpa and Anna


Having a tea party with Grammy’s tea set

A enjoying tea

S enjoying tea

C enjoying tea

cheesy Caleb
This is too funny. . .he had way too much fun!

ice cream is good
Anna LOVED her ice cream!

Watching yard sale
Samuel decided to have his own “yard sale.” Here he is watching his sale, hoping for customers

bike for sale
The tags he made for each item

describing yard sale
Explaining to me the price of each item at his sale

pulling cousins
Being a great big brother and cousin. With Grandpa’s help, he actually pulled the girls all the way around the block.

Our trip was wonderful and we have a lot of good memories!

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