Harvesting honey

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Sweeping bees off frame of honey
Brushing bees off a frame of honey so we can take it in the house

We harvested more honey over the weekend. It was probably the last super we will take off the hive for the year. They’re still bringing in a good bit of pollen, but we want to make sure the hive has enough honey stores to make it through the winter.

Putting honey frame in box

Here you can see the different colors of honey we’ve gotten from the same hive. It’s amazing the color difference, but the flavor difference is pretty drastic too. The darker honey is very strong flavored, and the lighter honey is very mild. We prefer the lighter ourselves.


This is the amount of honey we got from the first super of honey I blogged about a couple weeks ago. We now have the bucket filled again, and we need to get some more jars so we can bottle it as well.


What absolutely blows me away is that most of this honey is spoken for already. It’s amazing how once people find out you’re a beekeeper, how quickly they line up to buy the honey. Stephen said he has a customer at work who wants an entire gallon of honey! I’m not sure if we’ll have enough for her to get an entire gallon, but we’ll see.

Stephen also got some really neat pictures when he was examining the hives. I like this one – he took it right after he removed a couple of frames to examine them.


Can you find the queen in this picture? She’s the bigger, lighter colored bee right in the center.


Building new comb:


I love beekeeping!

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