What a weird week

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Caleb helping me in the kitchen. That 5-gallon bucket on the counter is our honey bottling pail – hopefully more on that in the future

This is going to be a totally random post, with random pictures. Hope that’s ok. I got a new camera last weekend, and wanted to share some of the pictures I took over the week. Most of them are pretty random though.

The week started out busy. I played for a choir concert on Thursday evening, and had rehearsals the first three days of the week. I arranged for a sitter and assumed everything would go as planned.

Caleb came down with some sort of throat bug the week before, and by Monday, he was better, but Samuel had it. Thankfully, Stephen ended up working from home that day so we didn’t have to expose our sitter to the bug.

Tuesday the kids were better, and I went to the rehearsal and taught piano lessons as planned. That night, we got an insane storm. According to the news, the winds were 60-90 mph. I believe it. I have never been so scared in my life. I honestly thought the wind was going to pick up our house and just throw it. I kept thinking of the recent tornadoes in Alabama and the nearby states, and kept praying that God would keep us safe, as well as the house and cars. He did.


We lost the last tree out front and it missed the house by about 6 feet. I am so thankful it didn’t hit the house! The kids like playing on the stump now though.

Our power went out in the storm, as it usually does in a lot of wind. We were shocked at the damage through our community though. There were trees and mangled power lines everywhere. The electric crews worked almost nonstop, trying to get the power back on. Ours came on two days later. My in-laws got their power back on Wednesday afternoon, so they let us stay there during the day on Thursday. It was so humid out that we were thankful to be able to crash there for a while. The concert was that evening. It went well, but it was nice to have it over with too. The power came on that evening, so by the time we got home, the house had even cooled down.

Friday my friend Sara came over again to help me finish getting the rest of the Groopdealz bracelets in the mail. I’d been working on them as much as I could, but just having another person to help was wonderful. Stephen has been helping as much as he could all along (what a guy!). It was one crazy day, and there were bracelets and packages everywhere. I was hoping to get them out sooner, but did the best I could. Stephen took the last set of packages to the Post Office for me on Saturday. I learned a lot about producing jewelry in bulk, and there are some things I’ll do differently to make things go faster if there’s ever a next time. I enjoyed it though. And I learned one thing – even after making 637 bracelets, I still love making jewelry.


As the kids have been outside playing, I’ve been playing around with the macro settings on my new camera. It’s a Canon Powershot, and is so much more of a camera than the little Fuji I used to have. Not that the Fuji was bad, but this Canon is everything I’ve wanted in a camera. There is SO much for me to learn. . .but it has been a lot of fun playing with it too!!!


Friday Stephen came home from work to tell me that we were taking his car to the mechanic immediately because the brakes had gone out. Saturday it was finished, so we went to pick it up. It started raining while I was on the way home, and when we walked in the house, we discovered the new roof we had put on last year was leaking. I called the company right then, thinking to leave a message for this morning, but they called me back almost immediately and said they’d be out today to come look at it.

They were an hour and a half early this morning. They were so early that the only one of us who didn’t still have pajamas on was Stephen! *Note to self, when expecting a service call, get dressed immediately upon waking.* You’d think I’d know this by now. . .

The good news was that the roof is still under warranty. They fixed in in about 15 minutes and we didn’t have to pay a dime. What a blessing.

Yesterday, Anna started a runny nose, and felt a little warm. The way she’s been chewing on everything, I assumed it was because she was teething. As of this afternoon, all three kids felt warm. I’m hoping it’s not another virus but it certainly looks that way.

Later this week I have a midwife appointment (LOVE her!) and an ultrasound. We definitely have things to look forward to, and many more things to be thankful for!!

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4 thoughts on “What a weird week”

  1. I just found your blog from KJV blog list, and I’m so glad I did! Your random post was fun to read, and oh- that honey looks delish!

  2. Those pictures with your new camera are good. The red really stands out (love red)! Maybe this week will not be as crazy lol.

    1. Thank you! That would be nice if this week were less strange. Unfortunately, we have 3 sick kids this week…….so…….

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