Bees cleaning honey from wax

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When the wax in the honey strainer bucket was pretty much done filtering (see here for the first post on processing honey), we put it in a pan and set it on the porch so the bees could take the last of the honey from it. There were a TON of bees on that wax. We really enjoyed watching them from inside the house, but Stephen went outside and took a short video. It was neat to see how clean the wax was when they were done!

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4 thoughts on “Bees cleaning honey from wax”

  1. OK, Curious…..

    In your last post you said the bees would clean up the last of the honey and the wax from the frames and take it back to the hive to reuse, so now that you put that pan on the porch will they take the honey and all the wax as well?? Or will they only be interested in the honey??

    I tell ya this beekeeping business is getting addictive, lol!! I’m like glued to the screen whenever you post a beekeeping post!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

    PS. DH’s family kept bees when he was young but looking at your posts he says he doesn’t remember it being so neat and clean. He said the frames from your hives were amazingly clean and neat not at all what he remembered as a child. And I remember his mom complaining how messy it was to keep bees. But I gotta admit watching your beekeeping adventure definately has my curiosity piqued!!

    1. They took some of the wax, but they mostly just took the honey.

      It can get messy – we keep a pretty tight reign on it with our tiny kitchen though. It amazes me how sticky everything gets!

  2. Sorry, Allison! Bees don’t bother me anymore (obviously). They will sting if provoked, but if you can control the instinct to go crazy and swat at them, generally you won’t get stung.

    That said, since I’m pregnant and don’t want to dope up on Benadryl should something happen, I am more careful around the bees than I would be if I weren’t pregnant. These were on the porch, and we stayed on the other side of the glass. Stephen, on the other hand, has no problems getting right up next to them. He had the camera only a couple inches from the pan. . .

  3. Oh. My. Word. How were you not petrified? I feel all buggy and itchy just watching that (of course, I’m very allergic to bee stings).

    It’s very neat, but I just can’t get over the fact that you voluntarily invited bees onto your porch! Yuck!

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