Hive inspection

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Our bees have been doing so well lately that Stephen has been doing inspections weekly to keep up with them.

Foundationless comb

The new comb is so white – a far cry from the really dark comb we had when we first started years ago.

Foundationless comb closeup

I keep thinking of what pretty candles the wax will make once we remove the honey. We do the crush and strain method so there should be plenty of wax left over.

We have started experimenting with letting the bees draw their own comb lately. For some reason, the girls do NOT like the foundation from a local farm supply store – they just won’t build on it. The other places to get it are either pretty pricey or quite the drive, so we’re experimenting to see how this goes.

Until recently, I was never that interested in doing hive inspections. Now I’m out there frequently with Stephen, just watching. We only have one bee suit though, so I don’t get as close as he does. :O) That’s ok. One of these days we’ll get one for me. . .

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8 thoughts on “Hive inspection”

  1. This is really interesting to see since my son just got bees for his first time. I find them fascinating. There is so much to learn and I love how there’s a spiritual application to how the bees work and live.

  2. The color of comb is due to the availability of nectar. As the availability drops, the bees start to reuse the wax. The more the wax has been reused, the darker it gets.

    We feed our bees the sugar water until the nectar flow starts.

  3. Nice!! I wonder what makes the comb the color it is. Mine is very white right now as well. I’m wondering if it has to do with where they are getting pollen or food. I gave mine sugar water to get them started, but they were carrying in plenty of pollen the other day, so I probably won’t feed anymore unless the pollen availability drops. {Love bees!}

  4. It is so neat to see all the bees and their beautiful comb. We are getting bees for the first time tomorrow and are very excited!

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