Menu Plan Monday ~ April 4

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Menu Plan Monday

Here’s our menu:

Sunday: crockpot chicken, macaroni and cheese

Monday: grilled chicken legs, rice

Tuesday: tacos (new piano student interview this night so meat will be in the crockpot)

Wednesday: grilled cheese and tomato soup

Thursday: spaghetti and meat sauce (maybe meatballs in the sauce; we’ll see how that day goes)

Friday: pizza night

Saturday: Lentil Stew – new recipe, from the Saving Dinner cookbook (page 161)

The meals without veggies listed we’ll just decide then which veggie to eat from the freezer.

Breakfasts are eggs, scones, oatmeal, biscuits, grits, and pancakes.

Lunches are sandwiches, wraps, macaroni and cheese, quesadillas, tuna salad, leftovers, etc.

Snacks are cheese, baby carrots, nuts, fresh fruit, smoothies, etc.

You can read more menu plans over at

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