He likes to do the dishes

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My parents just left after visiting for a week. It was great. While they were here, my mom taught Samuel how to wash dishes. This is the conversation he and I had after dinner tonight.

Samuel: Mommy, I’m going to wash dishes for you EVERY DAY.

Me: I’m getting lazy not having to do it.

Samuel: Oh, no you’re not, Mama. I’m helping you so you don’t have to do it. Besides, it’s fun.

The part that has me really spoiled is that Mom also taught him to dry the dishes and put them away. I typically just let them dry in the drainer in the sink, but Samuel? Oh no. He has to dry each dish, climb up on the counter to put them in the cabinets, and then wipe the counters down after he’s done.

Here I was putting off teaching him because he couldn’t reach much and I didn’t think he was ready. Obviously I was wrong. The best part is my kitchen hasn’t been this clean in a long time, he’s loving keeping it that way, and I’m loving that he’s doing it FOR me – with a willing spirit.

He may not continue to be so willing to do the dishes, but I am certainly going to enjoy it while he is!

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3 thoughts on “He likes to do the dishes”

  1. Awesome job Mama! NOW is the time to get them doing the work because they LOVE to do it! Judah and Justus fold all our towels and put away all our clean silverware and you would think they hit the jackpot every time they see that it needs to be done. It’s awesome!
    Way to go Samuel! Keep on blessing your Mama, you are making her very happy:)

  2. What a joy for you! 🙂 I was slow to teach my children to wash the dishes, but when I got sick with diabetes, my husband took over and taught them. I have been spoiled over the years, but I’m gradually taking over completely since Beth is leaving me in a month. You have years and years of no dishes ahead of you! 😉

  3. Give Sam a big hug from this Aunt Sara! What a great boy! Of course, you are right in the fact that this may not last forever….but what a gift to Mom.

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