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Have you ever heard of They are a daily deals site that specializes in boutique and handmade items. They have had some of the neatest items – from wall signs and decals to handmade jewelry, to lace tights for little girls. . . and today they’re featuring my jewelry.

The neat thing about is the way they have things set up. They use the concept of bulk buying so the customer can get a better deal. By selling at higher quantities, the sellers can then buy the supplies in bulk and also sell more than they might have been able to otherwise. It’s a win-win situation for both buyer and seller.

They’ve been great to work with, and I’ve been really excited about it. If you haven’t seen their site before, take a look!

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8 thoughts on “”

    1. Yes and no. ;O) I can’t do too terribly many at a time or I get tension headaches, so I’m taking it easy. I have quite a few in several stages of completion though!

      About 20 minutes ago I called my supplier to have the next set of supplies sent here. Tomorrow night after the deal closes (it goes 48 hours) I’ll place another order for the final amount. Today and tomorrow are kind of crazy around here so I’m not too worried.

      They don’t send me the addresses until the deal ends, so I can’t ship anything until Thursday anyway. So we’re good. I hope to ship this batch Thursday, and then hopefully the supplies should be here that afternoon or Friday. We’ll see.

      Tammy, I am so humbled and amazed at how much God has sent already. I was honestly hoping for 150ish total, and really didn’t expect to go much above that. Here we are, only 10 hours into it, and about to hit 200. WOW.

    1. It’s 107 now. I am floored. I lined up suppliers and prepared for needing many, but didn’t get my hopes up because it’s unpredictable. BUT WOW.

  1. Wow, Melody! That is so exciting! Looks like you’re going to be making quite a bit of cuff bracelets this week! So far it shows 94 having sold! WOW. 🙂

    1. Yes, WOW has been my reaction. I set the minimum at 40, and just prayed God would let me hit it. It blows me away that that many have sold already – and in the first 8 hours, no less!!!

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