Easter Sunday

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Easter Sunday 2011

I hope everyone’s Sunday was wonderful. Ours was a bit different, but not bad. Church was great. Then we spent the afternoon at Stephen’s parents’ house. The evening service at church was great too.

I had to chuckle at the irony this morning though. We try really hard not to let Sunday mornings get too hectic around here, so we can prepare our hearts for worship. This morning was a bit crazier than usual because I had to get up and make rolls for dinner at Mom’s. I actually tried to start them last night but pregnancy brain kicked in and they didn’t get made – I got the bread machine plugged in and then promptly forgot about starting the dough. But that’s beside the point.

Because of extra food prep, this morning was a bit more hectic than usual. As we were driving to church, I thought that here it is the one day of the year we should be the most joyful – celebrating the resurrection of our Lord – when instead, we were rushing around more and getting frazzled easier. Figures.

It ended up being a good day though, despite the rough start. I’m so thankful for a Savior who chose to die for me anyway – when He didn’t have to – just so I could go to Heaven with Him. I sure don’t deserve it. . .

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