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Moving the entrance reducer so the bees could get out after the trip home

Saturday Stephen went and picked up some new bees. We’re really excited. Our one hive has been doing amazingly well this year, and we estimate that there are close to 40 pounds of honey already in it. We won’t take the honey until at least June (don’t remember if he said June or July), so we’re pretty excited to see how much there will be by then.

We’re hoping this new hive does as well. It’s out in the open where we can watch it more than we can the other hive. The other hive is farther from the house, but we’re in the process of moving it to be with the other hive so we can have the hives all in one place.

Last summer’s storm brought down some of the trees you see that are down in the picture. We haven’t had much opportunity to work on cutting them up and moving them until recently because our chainsaw has been broken. Since they’re down though, it has made the perfect spot for us to keep the bees. And now that our chainsaw is fixed, hopefully we’ll be able to clear out the woods more this summer.

I don’t do the hive checks with Stephen, but sure do enjoy all the other benefits of keeping bees!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Alicia! We do enjoy having our own honey (We have some from a while back yet), but we’re really looking forward to it this year!

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