That was some huge hail

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Huge hailstones

Last Saturday we got quite the storm. It was one of the weirdest thunderstorms I’ve ever seen – there were several cells of severe weather inside it. We’d get hit with one, and it’d be over in less than 5 minutes. Then 20-30 minutes later, another would hit, and be over almost immediately.

One of the little storms sent hail. I’ve seen big hail before, but it’s been a very long time. We measured the bigger of these two hailstones at almost exactly 3 inches across. Amazing.

Our cars made it through the hail pretty safely, with only a few dents that weren’t too severe. When I drove my van yesterday though, I noticed many tiny little nicks in my windshield. I hope they don’t weaken it.

Today we’re under another tornado watch. After the tornadoes farther West yesterday from this storm, I hope we don’t get any!

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