Making some changes

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It feels like I haven’t blogged in forever. Why is it that when you try to stay off the computer to get more done around the house, things like blogging get neglected? That’s ok. I don’t feel bad about that reason.

We’ve been making a few changes around our home. Not a ton, and most aren’t big changes, but changes nonetheless.

One of those changes is how we homeschool. The way we were doing it just wasn’t working. Don’t get me wrong – I love A Beka and the content of their curriculum (and PCC is my Alma Mater, after all). But honestly, I cannot get it to work well for us. The lesson plan books and I just do not get along. Even though it’s mid-year, we’re making some changes with how much we expect Samuel to be able to do in one day, and we’re approaching it in a more laid-back manner. We’ve been using My Father’s World as well this year, and we’ll be leaning more toward that style of schooling than what we’ve been trying to do with the A Beka.

I was so bothered about the way school was going that I ended up meeting with our homeschool association leader about it. Funny thing is, most of the problems causing the stress are my perfectionist nature and that my expectations were too high. It was a humbling discovery. So we’ve pulled back a little bit and so far, things have been going much more smoothly. Interestingly enough, Samuel is doing BETTER on schoolwork now and that is one of the things I wasn’t expecting to see so soon. I am thankful for it though.

Another thing I’m trying is changing how we do laundry. The lady I met with last week is a mom of 7. It was so nice to talk to her about household management – to talk with someone with a bigger family than I have. Wow. It was so nice to get the perspective of someone who is trying to balance most of the same things we are.

So about the laundry. . .we are usually hopelessly behind. I try, but just don’t keep up with it well enough. So now my goal is to do two loads every day. So far it seems to be working well. We’ll see if I can stay caught up, but I hope so!

That’s my boring update. LOL! Not a lot to really blog about, just everyday life and how I’m learning to make household management work better for our family.

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3 thoughts on “Making some changes”

  1. I grew up with ABeka and I really like the phonics program. However, even though they market their curriculum to homeschoolers, it still isn’t super homeschool-friendly, IMO.

    Laundry. Hmmm. I have trouble with laundry too! I have tried several things but the biggest thing is walking down the basement steps and just doing it. 😉

    Have a good day!

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