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We are now officially debt free (except our mortgage). We made the last payment on our last medical bill this morning. Our credit cards we paid off a couple weeks ago – we used our tax refund for it. We were so close that Stephen and I figured we’d use the lump sum to take care of it all that way.

It has been a long process of cutting back to pay off our debt. Some of it was from a bad business decision years ago, but a lot of our debt was survival debt from a few years ago. If I could go back and redo things, I wouldn’t have used the credit card, but that’s what we did. It amazes me how when we stopped using the credit card, that’s when God provided for us in some truly amazing and spectacular ways. He is so faithful, just as He promised.

In February, when our tax refund hit our account, we called and paid off each credit card in full. WOW did that EVER feel good! Then today, I logged onto the hospital site and made that last payment too.

It is so freeing to not have that debt hanging over our heads any more. There are plenty of things right now we’ll need the extra money for (like replacing the tank in our well), but it’s so wonderful to know we now have money at the end of each month to do it with.

So now we work on fixing some things around the house. This is so exciting!

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  1. I am so pleased for you Melody and it does feel good to pay off debt. I don’t believe God meant for us to owe. He tells us not to be in debt, but we are just stubborn humans. haha :o) Our little family has debts we are still working on, but we have cut back on extras for years. The only extra we have currently are our cell phones. Otherwise we don’t go out, buy expensive things or costly vacations, no cable tv, etc. Our meals are VERY simple and once in a while I will fix something more special. I was able to get some great & simple recipes from Now what we have left is just our mortgage and two credit cards. We may be able to pay off the mortgage real soon though and then we’ll be working on those crazy credit cards. We really must rely on the Lord for all of this because how those cards were run up in the first place was when money was low or not there, then those cards were our gas and groceries which is a HUGE NO NO. We know now. It will all come together if we just keep after it and more importantly, keep trusting in our Lord to take care of us. :O) Thank you for your wonderful site. I love visiting and seeing what you are up to. God bless dear sister.

    1. Dana, thanks for such a thoughtful reply. It is so humbling to try to pay off debt sometimes….but does feel wonderful at the end. I hope it goes quickly for you!

  2. Praise the Lord!!! We did the same thing and are debt free *except* for our SUV payment. We’re doing the best we can to get ahead and pay it down, but it’s a slow process. Doesn’t it feel great to not have debt hanging over your head?!?!

  3. That is absolutely fantastic! God is so good when we are faithful and I know that you and Stephen feel so much better not having that worry!

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