Adventures in head wounds

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Last night was an adventure.

After church, we went to McDonald’s with some other families from church. We had a great time and the kids ate way too much sugar. We headed home with the intent of putting the kids right in bed.

We got into the house and told the boys to put their pajamas on. I started changing Anna into her pajamas. I had gotten a new diaper out for her when I heard a CLUNK in the living room. Samuel immediately started howling and came running into his room.

He vaulted onto his bed and sat there absolutely yelling about “MY HEAD! IT HURTS!” I stood there with Anna on the changing table and decided from the way he was crying that I should probably take a look at his head.

Right about then, Caleb came tearing into the room, hollering too. “BWOOD! BWOOD! BWOOD on MY bed!!!”

Samuel moved so I could look at his forehead, and when he took his hand off his head, we saw that it was covered in blood. Samuel flipped out. Since I was still standing at the changing table, I grabbed a handful of cloth wipes and started to apply pressure to the wound.

As I stood there, I realized that Anna was still on the changing table and that I never finished putting a diaper on her. I glanced over at her and apparently I already had. That was weird because I really didn’t remember finishing fastening the clean diaper! She had just been laying there the whole time, taking in everything. I let go of Samuel long enough to put Anna on the floor.

At that time, Stephen came into the room and took Samuel to the other room so I could finish getting Caleb and Anna in bed.

Anna was easy. Put pajamas on, find bunny, set her in her crib. Caleb, however, was not happy. There was “bwood” on his bed and he was NOT going to sleep there. You should have seen him flip out when he saw blood on his quilt. (The quilt I made him for Christmas is now a sacred object. Don’t you dare touch that thing unless you’re Caleb!) Thankfully, we discovered it was on Samuel’s quilt, and not Caleb’s, so that disaster was avoided. A Tide stain pen took care of the spot of blood on the sheet. We put Caleb in bed and went to tend to Samuel.

By then the bleeding had stopped. We could tell that the gash on his head wasn’t as deep as we thought. We put a band-aid on it, gave him an ice pack, and turned on some old-fashioned cartoons for him to watch while we kept an eye on him for a while.

This morning he is fine. Changing the band-aid wasn’t that fun since it was stuck in his hair, but the wound looks a lot better. Samuel is already trying to milk the attention for all it’s worth. Smart kid.

Although I was concerned about Samuel, I have to admit that Caleb’s antics really cracked me up. I was telling Stephen about it later and just couldn’t stop laughing about it. Just the way he was running around, yelling about the “BWOOD!!!” gives me the giggles.

I thought last night would be a peaceful, put the kids in bed and relax night. It wasn’t. But I guess that is part of having children, isn’t it?

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12 thoughts on “Adventures in head wounds”

  1. I’m so glad it wasn’t anything serious! We had our share of head injuries while our boys were growing up, including a trip to the ER when one boy thought his neck was “broken.” The other had caused the accident, so he was home repenting while the other was getting a neck brace to wear to help ease the bruised muscles from his neck being cracked unintentionally. Talk about milking an injury! The next day was Sunday and that neck brace was the center of attention among the younger set that morning! LOL We’ve also spent lots of time laughing at our children’s various injuries and reactions, which our daughter thinks is horrible. I told her that her time is coming when she’ll get to laugh at all the ridiculous things her children will get into! 😉

  2. PS I hate to admit it, but I end up laughing way more then I ever thought I would! I guess you either laugh or cry and I end up laughing! LOL

  3. Oh wow! What an adventure! Glad to hear it didn’t end you up in the ER!

    I read this tip on a blog somewhere, about getting bandaids off without tears: heat the bandaid with a hair dryer for a few seconds and it will come off without any tugging!

    1. Thanks for the tip about band-aids. We tried it on his next band-aid. . .and he hated the hair dryer more. Maybe it’s better suited for somewhere other than the face, lol!

  4. Head wounds are never fun they bleed so much even if they aren’t that bad which really freaks out everyone involved, tongues/mouths are the same way, they bleed like crazy.

    Glad it wasn’t too serious!! Hope he’s better soon!!

    Caleb and the bwood cracked me up too!! Anna seems definately to have 3rd child syndrome, just takes it all in and doesn’t really react!! My third child is totally opposite, everything is a big deal!!!

    Have a great day!!

  5. Yikes! We have had 2 head wounds in the past few months. Liam was dancing (before bed also!) and tripped over his own feet. Fell flat on his face on the hardwood floor. Split his chin, bit through both sides of his tongue. Should have gotten stitches, but we opted for the glue because he was flipping out. It was so gross! His insides (white clumpy stuff) was oozing out of the cut. gag. That was a long night. Just this week, Eliza flipped a chair and smacked her face on a coffee table. Bloody nose. Visit to the dr. the next day, but she is fine. I am sure I will end up with gray hair within the next year if they keep this up. 🙂 Give Samuel hugs for us.

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