Menu Plan Monday ~ February 21

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Menu Plan Monday

After having revival for ten days at church, this week is pretty much back to our regular routine.

Here’s our menu:

Sunday: leftovers

Monday: chicken artichoke casserole, brown rice

Tuesday: potato soup (may change to a different day if it’s still so warm out)

Wednesday: goulash

Thursday: chicken alfredo, pasta of some sort

Friday: pizza night

Saturday: spaghetti

The meals without veggies listed we’ll just decide then which veggie to eat from the freezer.

Breakfasts are eggs, scones, oatmeal, biscuits, grits, smoothies, and pancakes.

Lunches are sandwiches, wraps, macaroni and cheese, tuna salad, leftovers, etc.

Snacks are cheese, baby carrots, nuts, fresh fruit, smoothies, etc.

You can read more menu plans over at

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