The most expensive Valentine’s gift yet

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Stephen got me the most expensive Valentine’s Day gift he has ever gotten me today. What was it, you ask?

It was the gift of running water.

Last night our well pump stopped working. Stephen had just put a load of dirty diapers in the washer, and supper was on the table. That was when we noticed the hot water heater was making a strange noise. It turned out that the pump in our well had stopped.

We have had problems with our well ever since we had a company out to fix it last spring. Their customer service was terrible so we just dealt with the problems. Until yesterday. We didn’t have a drop of water in the house. Why is it that you don’t realize how much you use something until it’s gone?

First thing this morning we started making calls, trying to find a good company to come out here. Finally, we found one that worked on our type of well and pump and started asking the fun questions. You know – things like a rough estimate to replace the pump, do they take payments, etc.

Well, they didn’t take payments, but the man said they do accept credit cards. The only problem with that is that we don’t use credit cards any more. We started praying.

I sat down and crunched some numbers in our budget to see exactly how much we’d have to be able to pay in cash today. We budget to the dollar each paycheck so we needed to see if there were any areas that could be temporarily cut back. Stephen made the appointment for the men to come out here, and we loaded the kids up and headed over to Mom’s house where we could have water for the day.

The kids and I arrived back home just as Stephen went inside and turned on the water. Praise the Lord! He handed me the checkbook and I glanced at the amount.

Our bill was $1 lower than the amount we had available to pay. God is so good. Well repair can get expensive (it wiped out our savings last year), but this time God worked it out so that we could pay the bill in full from one paycheck.

I am so glad. It isn’t the most romantic Valentine’s gift we’ve ever had, but I’m SO thankful to have a working well again!

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  1. In the future if you are every asked the question what was the most expensive or the best present your husband ever got you than you have an answer lol God is good!

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