More snow

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Playing in the snow
We bundled all three kids up yesterday and went outside to build a snowman. Unfortunately, the snow didn’t pack very well. We still had fun though!

Anna liked being outside a lot more than I thought she would. I had to dig out some of the boys’ old winter clothes for her to wear since we don’t have a lot of outside clothes for her. She actually got upset when I brought her inside and took off her boots :O)

Yesterday afternoon it started sleeting. Now the snow has a nice layer of ice over it. We’re thinking it should make for some good sledding. . .

Sam’s only complaint is that he doesn’t get a snow day. That’s ok – I’d rather get schoolwork done this time of year and be free to take a few days of here and there later this spring when it’s nicer out.

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  1. What a fun day!!! We didn’t get near that much here in Dallas. But we did play in what we did get.

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