The boys’ quilts

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A friend asked me not long ago how the boys’ quilts are coming along. I just laughed. At that point not much was done. I had been busy practicing for the choir concert and had set the quilts aside.

Since Monday I’ve had a lot more time to work on them. This is what Samuel’s quilt top looks like:

Samuel's quilt top

Here is Caleb’s. I finished the top Thursday night.

Caleb's quilt top

In pictures, I think I like Samuel’s better – the greens and blues seem a little more cohesive than the blues, greens, and red in Caleb’s quilt. But up close, I like the star theme in Caleb’s quilt better.

So now I’m just wondering how long it will take to actually quilt. I’m going to stitch in the ditch instead of trying any random stippling. . . and I just realized I never picked up a walking foot. Oops. Guess we’ll see how well my regular foot works.

Last night I was able to get them layered with the batting and backing and pinned. So there is progress. I’m really hoping the machine quilting will work well.

So that leaves me 2 quilts to quilt and bind, and 7 sets of pajama bottoms to finish before Christmas. Next year I’m starting earlier. I tried to start early this year but then got busier than I anticipated. Maybe next year I’ll remember that. :O)

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7 thoughts on “The boys’ quilts”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Those look great!
    You’ve inspired me to (possibly) try quilting. I’ve got 3 library books out on quilting right now. 😀
    That’s a lot of sewing to get done by Christmas!

  2. Those are so nice! I like the color combinations on both of them.

    My machine would not do a good job quilting without a walking foot, hopefully yours will. Otherwise, if you find yourself tearing your hair out, I highly recommend getting a walking foot.

    1. Thank you for the advice. I had originally planned on getting a walking foot, and then forgot to order one. Thankfully our local fabric store carries them and I was able to get one this morning. If it’s as much easier as I keep hearing, I’m really looking forward to being able to use it!

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