Sewing for the kids

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Lately I’ve blogged about my sewing projects, so I thought I’d share some pictures of the finished projects.

The boys loved their new John Deere pajama pants. Caleb’s fit him, but weren’t nearly as long as I expected them to be. He’s grown more in height than I realized.
Trying to show off some of their new toys in the picture too :O)

Anna’s pajamas were a ton of fun to make. The nightgown is from the indietutes peasant blouse tutorial here. I lengthened the sleeves and gathered them, and lengthened the hem and flared it (a fairly wide a-line shape). The bloomers are from a regular pant pattern, and gathered at the ankles. I measured her inseam several times but still managed to make them too long. We have to roll them up at the waist right now but at least they’ll fit for a while.


Here’s a better picture of the pajamas. I appliqued a little heart on the bottom too. Of all the pajamas I’ve made the kids, these are by far my favorite.


The boys absolutely loved their quilts. To quilt them, I just stitched in the ditch along each row. I was able to get a walking foot locally, and that made things SO MUCH easier.

Caleb's quilt
Caleb’s quilt

Samuel's quilt
Samuel’s quilt


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5 thoughts on “Sewing for the kids”

  1. Your quilts turned out great, and I bet the boys just love them! I love Anna’s pj’s too – so cute. I noticed them in the pic of her looking out the window at the snow the other day.

  2. love the hm gifts, we did alot more hm gifts this year too, but for adult family members, some were very well received, others I don’t think were as impressed as some but I won’t let it get me down. I did the best I could have with what I had to work with money wise. Some just need to understand that.

  3. I love the quilts! Looks like anna is saying no pictures please lol. The pj’s turned out really cute. Good job Melody!

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