Making Christmas cookies

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We made Christmas cookies last night. Samuel kept telling me over and over again, “Thank you for letting us make cookies. I had SO much fun!”


The boys got a bit sugar sprinkle happy. I didn’t mind until I looked at Caleb and saw that he had the entire bottle of blue sugar in his mouth. Good thing I noticed it after we finished and not while we were still decorating the cookies!

Even Anna had fun pushing the cutters into the dough.


We won’t be giving any of these cookies away as gifts – there was too much finger licking and dough snatching and thumb sucking going on – but we really enjoy them. I like that particular cookie recipe because it uses basic ingredients, isn’t too sweet, and you can use cookie cutters with it. Ok, that, and I have yet to find a regular sugar cookie recipe I really like, but that’s beside the point.

We had a lot of fun last night and made a huge mess. But the best part was that Stephen washed the dishes afterward so I could work on the boys’ quilts. What a wonderful husband I have!

Last night was great!

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2 thoughts on “Making Christmas cookies”

  1. It looks as if you all had a fun time! What does Anna’s apron look like? I can’t believe how big she is getting. I love her little pig tails.

    1. It was fun! Anna’s apron is part of a Mommy and Me set, but the set is actually Samuel’s. :O) The apron says “Me” on it (mine says “Mommy” but that’s not the one I have on in the picture).

      Anna does have her own apron but it is packed away in the shed with her clothes the next size up – I didn’t think she’d need it yet.

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