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Our view out the sliding door this morning

Yesterday it started snowing – the first white Christmas we’ve had here in decades. We’re thrilled. You should have heard the shouts of excitement last night when we discovered it was snowing.

Actually, it was pretty funny. We had gone to Grandma’s house for the day (a family tradition on Thanksgiving and Christmas) and left early because we wanted to beat the storm home. It rained the whole way. Most of the drive is interstate, and we saw at least a dozen snowplows on the way home. It was the most either of us had ever seen in one stretch of road here before.

It got dark shortly after we got home. About an hour later, the phone rang. Stephen’s mom was calling from Grandma’s house, wanting to know if we had snow here yet. I told her no. Then I looked out the window and we had a half inch already. Oops.

They don’t treat our roads much here, so we’re home from church this morning. Then I just got a text from our pastor’s wife saying services had been moved back to 2pm for those who wanted to try to make it. It feels strange to be home, that’s for sure!

On the other hand. . .the kids have had a TON of fun playing out in the snow.


Anna acts like she’d like to go out and play in it, but we don’t have anything for her to wear in the snow. Thankfully she doesn’t seem to mind watching from inside too much though.


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  1. It does feel weird being home today from Church. It has totally thrown off my week lol. Sara and Allison made a snowwoman lol. She had a pink scarf and bangs. We went and saw the Christmas lights last night in the snow. It was so pretty.

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