First homeschool workshop

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Even though this is our third year homeschooling, I haven’t been able to attend any conferences or workshops. That is about to change.

Our state accountability association (required by SC law) is hosting a workshop tomorrow about keeping homeschool records. Now that I type that out, it sounds a bit dry, but I really am excited about going. I have done my best in keeping records, but am definitely looking forward to learning about how other families do and what works well for them. I’m also excited about being able to meet other families here in SC who homeschool. Since we live on the state line, all the families I know personally that homeschool live in NC. That’s not really a problem, but their requirements are different and it will be nice to see what other families with the same requirements do.

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2 thoughts on “First homeschool workshop”

  1. I highly recommend Homeschool Tracker for record keeping. They have a free basic version that did just fine when we started. I later upgraded to the Plus that you pay a one-time fee for. Customer service is excellent and there are life-time updates, free of charge. There is also a forum that you can ask questions and receive answers. Plus if you if the Plus version you can join a bunch of Yahoo groups for the sole purpose of sharing lesson plans that have been created depending on your curriculum, etc. Email me if you want more info. Have fun meeting other SC hs moms….wished I lived closer.

    1. Hey Michele! How have you been???

      Thanks for recommending Homeschool Tracker. I do have the free version, but even after trying to use it for a year never really got into using it that well. I toyed with trying it again.

      Right now I’m using The Old Schoolhouse’s planner (.pdf) and love it. But a digital copy of records would be nice too. We’ll see.

      And the meeting was GREAT!

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