Cloth diaper update

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At several people’s recommendation, I ordered some samples of Rockin’ Green detergent. The lavender mint scent smells fantastic! So far, it seems to be working well. It also looks like we didn’t rinse enough after washing before – we were doing one extra rinse but it sounds like we needed to do another.

The diapers just went in again for another run through. I took them out of the washer this morning to dry them, only to discover gel beads from a disposable diaper in them. I really hate it when a disposable diaper goes through the wash.

The boys helped me rinse the diapers out in the tub, then I wrung them out and put them back in the washer with a tiny bit more Rockin’ Green. Then I did two more rinse cycles after that. What a lot of work for this load – I believe once I’m done they will have been through 5 or 6 times at least. :rolleyes_tb: They should be good and clean by now though!

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2 thoughts on “Cloth diaper update”

  1. I ordered some rockin’ green last night. I’m excited to get it. a friend texted me a 15% off coupon code so I decided to use it. I picked uncented hard rockin’ detergent, and the lavender mint pail freshener, so I’m glad you like the scent. We have been dealing with stinky diapers from the first wash. I’ve tried 4 different detergents, I’ve stipped them, I’ve used bleach, I’ve used vinegar, I’ve emailed bumgenius, I’ve pulled my hair out. No matter what, the diapers on the drying rack smell like we live on a dairy farm. I’m not holding out too much hope for the rockin’ green… just hoping for a some improvement.

    1. Niki – that sounds like our adventures. How frustrating.

      Have you seen their Funk Rock? I’ve seen a few reviews on it, and it sounds like it’d be absolutely perfect for the stinkies. I just haven’t been able to bring myself to spend $15 or so on something that might not work. It’d be well worth the money if it works as well as it sounds, but you know….

      Anyway – all that to say I hope the RG works great for you!

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