What a day

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Today has been something else. Anna started the day off with a fever, so I canceled the piano lesson that was scheduled because I was afraid she was coming down with something. She was miserable and only wanted to be held. The snuggles were great, but it made it hard to get much else done.

Finally, this afternoon I thought to check her gums again. Earlier in the day I didn’t feel any new teeth, but by dinnertime, she had four new ones. Poor baby cut all her one-year molars in the same day. I’m not glad she’s in pain, but it is nice to at least know why she’s not feeling well. Hopefully she’ll feel better tomorrow. If not, I’m going to be one tired mama!

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2 thoughts on “What a day”

  1. Poor baby! At least she cut them all in the same day and it won’t linger. Hope is still happily toothless at 10 months 😀

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