God is so good!

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We have such adventures with vehicles.

Last Tuesday, 45 minutes before my first piano student of the evening was supposed to arrive, Stephen called me. “My car just broke down on the highway. I called AAA and they’re sending a tow truck, but you will need to go get a babysitter.” I loaded the kids into the van as quickly as I could and rushed to go pick our sitter up. We weren’t even back at the house for five minutes before my student arrived. What a day for her to arrive early.

After that lesson I typically have a one hour break. We loaded back up into the van and went to take the babysitter home. Her dad is our mechanic, so Stephen had the car towed there. We picked him up, went through the drivethrough for supper, and got home just in time for me to teach the rest of my lessons.

After my last student left, the phone rang. It was our mechanic. “I’m afraid your car is dead. It needs a new engine.” The cost to replace the engine was more than the car was worth.

Great. Good thing we have a van for me to drive and Stephen’s grandpa’s old farm truck. Neither is optimal for the kind of miles Stephen drives in a week (some weeks he drives over 600 miles), but I was thankful it didn’t happen to our only vehicle. I started worrying.

Thursday morning Stephen called me from work to ask me to put the car on Craigslist as is. Less than five hours later, the car was sold and towed away. He received the exact amount for it that he had wanted. I was amazed. I never imagined that we’d have a car die and sold in two days’ time, but it happened. We were just thankful to have it be that easy!

But it doesn’t end there. Stephen has been looking for a new-to-us car for several weeks. He didn’t have a lot of requirements, but was having a hard time finding something that met all the things he was looking for.

We drove over an hour yesterday to go look at a truck. We got there and found out it had 50,000 more miles on it than the seller had told Stephen on the phone. Not good. We went home and Stephen kept looking. He found another car to go see and made an appointment for this afternoon.

Stephen just called me. He bought a VW Jetta. Today is Tuesday. His car broke down exactly a week ago, and today he bought a new car to replace it. God worked every tiny detail out – from selling the old one quickly to finding a new one just as quickly to providing the money needed to buy it.

I am so humbled. I had been worrying about how we were going to juggle everything, but God worked everything out far better than I imagined He would. How humbling. But we have SO MUCH to thank Him for!!!

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6 thoughts on “God is so good!”

  1. Aunt Sara – we passed it along to someone who needed it more than we did a few years ago. We had 3 cars then too and didn’t need 3. :O) But Stephen has said many times since then how much he liked that car and how he wished he had another Jetta.

  2. Melody, did the old grey Jetta that we gave Stephen lo these many years ago finally give up? I can’t remember whether you still had it or not.

    Isn’t it wonderful when we realize everything always works out according to God’s plan? We just have to recognize it and give Him the glory and thanks.

    Love to you all!

    1. Yes. My kids like her well enough. ;O)

      The car is green. You should’ve seen Sam’s face when I told him that and showed him the pictures.

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