Been scarce lately

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Wow. I really haven’t posted much lately.

Things have been crazy busy here. Between working on jewelry for the jewelry show last week and getting ready to put it in a local store, it has kept me busy. Now I’m working on a possible craft show next weekend. I will probably post more about the jewelry as I get it photographed since I’m trying to get as much listed as possible before the show next weekend. I’ve learned how to make rings and they are SO FUN to make.

I’m also accompanying for a Christian school choir concert soon. It is always so fun to work on that music. Pretty often it is music outside of what I would have personally picked, so it’s nice to try new music.

Christmas gifts have kept me busy too. My mom’s table runner is almost done (it’s safe to say that here because I KNOW she doesn’t read my blog! *grin*), and hopefully will finish it today. The boys’ quilts. . .not so much. I’ve put them off until December (there is a good reason for that which I’ll share later).

So there’s my “we’re incredibly busy but I don’t have much of an update” update. :O)

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