Almost ready for the craft fair

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Jewelry Displays
Getting an idea of how much jewelry I have and what still needs to be made

The craft fair is in two days. I’ve been working frantically, trying to get as much jewelry made as possible. It’s been a challenge to work it around normal parts of our day (like schooling), but things are still coming together nicely.

It makes me really thankful Samuel has his own desk for school – it is less of a worry to leave enough space for him at the table when jewelry supplies are spread out everywhere.

Jewelry Displays
Comparing pictures of jewelry with the displays and a new mirror. It looks a lot dirtier in the picture than it did in person. Looks like “Clean Mirror” needs to get added to the to-do list. ;O)

I also had pictures of a few custom designs printed up for display too. The majority of my jewelry is made to order, and I wanted a way to represent that at the fair. The pictures turned out better than I expected, so that was really nice.

Now, just to get everything finished between now and then. . .

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