Menu Plan Monday on Tuesday ~ October 5

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Menu Plan Monday

As I’m adding new piano students and shifting others around, I’m finding dinners on lesson nights need to be more streamlined. For a while, lesson night was always a crockpot meal. But as my student load lightened, I got away from it. Now it looks like it would be wise to go back to using the crockpot more.

Here’s my pattern:
Sunday – fast and easy. With three little ones, we like to get lunch over quickly so they can go down for a nap before we need to leave for evening services
Monday – lessons in the afternoon but empty evening. Anything can go here
Tuesday – lessons, definite crockpot night
Wednesday – lessons before church – crockpot or super fast and easy (or both)
Thursday – currently empty. Lord willing, I’d like to add some students this night too. This is the night we do our most involved meals
Friday – pizza night
Saturday – junk food at home, more involved meals, or eat at in-laws

Now that the weather isn’t quite so hot, I’ve put soup on the menu. It’s still not really that cold here, but at least the thought of soup isn’t repulsive anymore! ;O)

Sunday: picnic on the porch

Monday: salmon cakes and french fries

Tuesday: soup in a pumpkin (recipe clipped from a magazine many years ago)

Wednesday: tacos

Thursday: chicken broccoli casserole

Friday: pizza night

Saturday: bbq chicken

The meals without veggies listed we’ll just decide then which veggie to eat from the freezer.

Breakfasts are eggs, scones, oatmeal, biscuits, grits, smoothies, and pancakes.

Lunches are sandwiches, wraps, macaroni and cheese, tuna salad, leftovers, etc. for the kids and lots of salads for Stephen and I.

Snacks are cheese, baby carrots, nuts, fresh fruit, smoothies, etc.

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