Wasted pickles

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I wasted an entire batch of sweet icicle pickles yesterday morning. I’m still a bit frustrated about it. The pickles were on the second to last day of the brining process, until I flung glass into the container.

The last four days you’re supposed to drain and reheat the syrup that spices the pickles. I’ve been using a plate on top of the container to keep the pickles submerged, with a glass canning jar full of water on top. I took the glass jar out and went to set it on the counter, but it slipped out of my hand into the giant metal pot in the sink.

Water and glass shards flew everywhere. Many of the pieces were so small I didn’t see them, but could feel them when wiping up the water. It also gouged the bottom of my good stockpot. 🙁 We weren’t sure if any glass got into the pickle container but we know some of the water did. . .so we’re assuming the glass did too. The cost of ingredients isn’t worth keeping the pickles for the chance of eating glass, but I sure am disappointed we have to dump the pickles.

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8 thoughts on “Wasted pickles”

  1. Oh no! I hate it when stuff like that happens! I was canning pickles once, and had a jar break when I put it in the water. I hated to throw out everything!

  2. Oh, being in that process of making pickles and relish right now as well, its sad to have to throw something away! 🙁 Hope you are able to get some more made up to enjoy! 🙂

    1. So far I haven’t gotten any more made up. Our cukes are done, so if we make more I’ll have to go to the farmer’s market first. Don’t know if I’ll do that now or not.

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