It is good to be home

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We’re home! I’m so glad. There’s nothing as good as being home and sleeping in your own bed.

We went to Indiana for the weekend for Stephen to preach again. It was a quicker trip than last time. It went well (albeit really quickly!) but I am glad to be home.

Unfortunately I am either allergic to something at the hotel or I’m coming down with a cold. Hopefully it’s just the hotel and the rest of the family doesn’t get sick.

Pictures to come soon. We tried doing school in the van (vanschooling?) and it went fine until Samuel threw up. I hope he’s not one to get sick easily in the car.

It was a good weekend, but I’m happy to be home.

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10 thoughts on “It is good to be home”

  1. We tried to homeschool in the van . . . once. Beth made it into the bathroom of the rest area, but lost it just inside the door. Poor attendant!

    Andrew used to get carsick if we rode all night and he slept while we rode. We used to leave at midnight and travel all night, but that stopped after Andrew threw up on several road trips. After we stopped sleeping while we rode, he did fine.

    1. We will probably try homeschooling in the van once more or so – just to rule it out. But I don’t want to push the issue if it is what made him sick! He normally doesn’t have a problem, but that’s the first time he’s ever drawn or colored in the van too.

  2. Mattea used to get car sick nearly every trip that took longer than 45 minutes. She couldn’t eat anything in the car for a few years, or get too hot. Now, at 12, she’s fine.

  3. Did Sam get sick before or after all the chocolate popcorn? Hope you both feel better and to see you in church tonight

    1. It was after, but it was the next day. He’d been coloring for a while so I’m starting to think it was because he was reading and doing schoolwork through the Smokies.

  4. We are glad you are home safe and sound! Hope you get better fast! Hopefully it was just the room and not a cold.

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