90 Day Bible Reading Challenge

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My good friend Karen over at Adorning Grace has posted a 90 Day Bible Reading Challenge on her blog. She’s asked others to join her and to link up at her site.

I’ll be doing the challenge. I gave it a half-hearted try about a year ago, and didn’t finish. This time I’m hoping to make it all the way through. I usually read through my Bible once a year (or close to a year), but haven’t tried to do it in less than that.

Won’t you join us? Head over to Adorning Grace to read more.

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4 thoughts on “90 Day Bible Reading Challenge”

  1. I’m in-it may take me longer because I’m a slow reader-BUT that’s no excuse–I started last night

  2. This has been something I’ve been thinking about doing. I did really well last summer, but when I got to Isaiah I just didn’t do so well, and I never finished.

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