Menu Plan Monday ~ August 9

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Parsley drying
Parsley in the dehydrator. The flavor difference from storebought is amazing.

This week is mostly back to normal after an insanely busy weekend. I do have a lot of preserving I’d like to get done (canning tomatoes and applesauce, starting another batch or two of sweet icicle pickles, and hopefully picking up some peaches to freeze). Other than that, it looks like it’s back to our regular routine.

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday: early lunch at home, family dinner at Grandma’s after the funeral

Monday: mini meatloaves, brown rice, green beans

Tuesday: chicken tacos

Wednesday: burgers

Thursday: Spanish rice

Friday: pizza night

Saturday: taco salad (subject to change)

The meals without veggies listed we’ll just decide then which veggie to eat from the freezer.

Breakfasts are eggs, scones, oatmeal, biscuits, grits, and waffles.

Lunches are sandwiches, wraps, macaroni and cheese, tuna salad, and leftovers.

Snacks are cheese, baby carrots, nuts, and fresh fruit.

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