Praising God for His protection

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It was starting to thunder yesterday afternoon when we left for church. On the way home, we noticed a lot of debris in the road and many branches down. We wondered if a tornado had gone through, and then decided one probably hadn’t. The closer we got to our house, the worse the destruction was. A quarter mile from home, we saw a mobile home that had a trampoline on its roof. We weren’t sure what to expect after that.

We passed the electric company truck on our way in, as well as a fire truck. We were getting really concerned about what had happened while we were gone. According to our neighbor, a fierce thunderstorm came up really quickly, and was over almost as quickly. But the damage it left behind. . .

tree almost hit house

This Bradford pear tree has lost limbs in the past, but this one landed all of six feet from the house. I am beyond thankful that it didn’t hit the house. It was so close.

dog is ok

Several trees were down around where we keep our dog. His doghouse was thrown into the woods but he is ok.

woods are a mess

Our woods are an absolute mess. There are toys and things thrown everywhere. One of the doors was torn off our old shed, as well as most of the shutters off the front of our house. Our neighbor found one of our shutters in her woods.

more damage

There are trees down all through our property. Stephen and I had talked a few times about making a clearing in the woods, but never did anything about it. We definitely have that clearing now.

chicken yard

Stephen had just started taking up the fence around our chicken yard last week. One of the reasons was a huge dead tree that was by it. If it broke, it would have fallen right across the fence. Interestingly enough though, that huge tree wasn’t touched by the wind.

coop roof

There’s a log on top of the chicken coop, but it isn’t damaged for the most part. The wind blew the door open though, so a lot of our chickens are loose.


I couldn’t help but take this picture – even with all the damage, it was still a beautiful morning.

I am absolutely amazed at how God protected us. We were in a safer building, and in an area that didn’t get hit as badly as where we live. Nothing important was really damaged. God even let all of our animals be ok. 🙂

We have a ton of work ahead of us as Stephen estimates there are a good 50 trees down on our property. Those trees will become a lot of firewood though – looks like we’re set for this winter.

More than anything though, I’m just glad we’re all ok and that nothing important was really damaged.

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