Meet Bruno

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Stephen brought this little guy home today. Isn’t he cute? He’s a boxer and lab mix and we named him Bruno.


He was an outside dog, so won’t be allowed in the house much until he’s had another flea bath or two. Even then I’m not convinced I want an indoor dog – the kids don’t need any help making messes. 😉 I did let him inside long enough for a bath, but then he went back outside.

For now, he’ll sleep in a crate on the porch. The kids had a blast watching him this evening.

Watching the puppy

If it weren’t for his crate, I highly doubt Bruno would get much sleep at all with my three around him!

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1 thought on “Meet Bruno”

  1. The best of both worlds!! I’ve never owned a lab but I hear they are excellent with children, Boxers are the only type of dog my husband would agree to when we were looking for a dog for our kids as he said Boxers have the best temperment when it comes to kids!!

    Our boxer is 1 1/2 and she is great with the boys, she even lets our 5 month old grab at her and has never growled or anything, of course it still makes me nervous so as a mom I ALWAYS have my guard up, but our boxer just lays there and lets you love on her!!

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