I missed my coffee

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Most people who know me in real life know how much I LOVE coffee. I could drink it all day long, but try to limit my caffeine since Anna gets so wired from it.

Last week our coffeemaker died. We still had an espresso machine, but it just wasn’t the same. We talked about getting one locally, but decided to order one from Amazon instead. We chose to get a more inexpensive coffeemaker so that we could pay for it with gift cards we’d been saving. Thanks to Swagbucks, the coffeepot was completely free.

It finally arrived today. As soon as Stephen got home from work, I made some decaf. It tasted soooooo good!

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8 thoughts on “I missed my coffee”

    1. Mmmm…….I love the flavored creamers too, as well as the cappuccinos. I haven’t had many of the McD coffees though – since we have an espresso machine I usually just make it here.

      1. Melody, I just picked up one of those cheap $10 ones that you get from Family Dollar or Dollar General. No bells & whistles. But in a pinch, we’re grateful for it & has saved us from being coffee-less a few times!!

  1. Glad you’ve got your coffee back!
    We’ve got the same coffee pot in black! Love the timer on it- coffee’s ready when DH wakes up & he puts mine in a travel mug to stay hot until I get up!

    1. Those timers are so nice, aren’t they? We had one on our old coffeemaker and it was a selling point for me on this one (it helped that every review said it was fast too).

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