For Stephanie

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My friend Stephanie wanted to see some of the designs I’ve been stamping lately. So Stephanie – here you go.

Layered copper precious feet pendant

Layered family pendant

This one was fun to make with all of our names on it.

These two aren’t in my store yet, but some new miscarriage necklace designs are.

The copper has been a lot of fun to play around with, since I’ve pretty much only used sterling silver until now. The color of the copper has been a nice change. I have more ideas for necklaces but no pictures to show for it yet. It’s been fun to work on. I would play around with it more, but Stephen has teased me about working out in the shed since the hammering isn’t exactly quiet. 🙂

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  1. Oh I love the baby feet!!! The second one is a great idea. Its almost like having a mothers ring with all the names on it but its easier to wear lol. Good job Melody! Love them baby feet 🙂

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