Bees cleaning out honey

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Bees cleaning out jar of wax and honey

The other day we strained a few jars of honey out of crushed comb. After one was completely strained, we set it out on the porch for the bees to finish getting the last bits of honey for themselves.

It was fascinating to watch. The bees worked together to push chunks of wax out of the jar so that they could get to the honey. In this next picture, you can see how much wax they’ve pushed onto the porch.

Bees cleaning out jar of wax and honey

They had broken the wax into nice small pieces for us – all we had to do was sweep it up. We’ll filter the wax later to use it for other things. You can also see two other jars of honey in the background that weren’t done yet.

It was so fun to watch. Stephen set the jar about 18 inches from the door so we could watch it. We were all camped out by the door at some point during the day.

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