Strawberry jam

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Strawberrry jam

Yesterday I was able to make a batch of strawberry jam. There were just enough strawberries from our garden. It’s more than we got last year, but it was really hard to keep animals from eating them! Between squirrels, wild rabbits, and the neighbor’s chickens, I’m thankful we got what we did. Now we just need to find a way to keep the animals out for next time.

Strawberry jam

I used the lower sugar pectin, and tasted a little when I made it. It tastes better than the regular kind since it’s not quite as sweet.

Hopefully later this summer I’ll be able to make more jam for the freezer. It’s so much better than storebought!

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    1. I just use the freezer jam recipe that comes in the box. We get the Reduced sugar/no sugar needed box of Sure-Jell (it’s pink). It calls for 4 cups crushed strawberries and 3 cups of sugar.

  1. I heard that human hair keeps the animals out. Haven’t tried it yet. We only have a few strawberry plants and one very pesky little rabbit. 🙂

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