Our busy weekend

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This past weekend was absolutely crazy. It was wonderful though!

Friday night Stephen and I went out on a date. It was so refreshing. We went to a new Thai restaurant. The food was amazing, and everything was so pretty. Both of our entrees had little carrot flowers. I liked the attention to detail! Even our appetizer was pretty.

Thai appetizer

Once we came home I started making cake balls to bring to our church’s Mother Daughter banquet. They’re so yummy – and addictive. They were a lot of fun to make but I’m not sure I should make them on a regular basis!

Cake balls

These were chocolate fudge cake mix (didn’t have time to make it from scratch) with chocolate frosting mixed in. I used almond bark for the coating, but next time I’ll probably try candy coating. The almond bark was really thick and set up almost immediately – making it difficult to get a smooth coating.

The Banquet was a real blessing. It was nice to be able to bring my daughter with me for the first time!

Anna and I

I also received these pretty petunias as a door prize.


Sunday evening we had a couple at church renew their wedding vows for their 30th wedding anniversary. The best part about it was that the wife had absolutely no idea whatsoever that it was being planned! I LOVED being a part of it! It was so sweet to see her expression.

When it was all done, we got a picture of Stephen and I under the arch.

Us at a wedding vow renewal

It was a crazy weekend, but was really nice. Next time maybe things will be spread out a little more!

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