Dressing more feminine

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After a discussion with some friends, I thought it would be interesting to chronicle my quest to dress more feminine. While I do wear a skirt or dress every day, the plain tee I usually wear with my skirts is not as feminine as I’d like.

While I work on losing the rest of this baby weight, I’ve been looking for a few staples for my wardrobe that look nice during the transitional period. I have a closet full of beautiful clothes that are still a couple sizes too small, so I need some things that look nice right now.

Most days I wear a long, flared denim skirt with a plain tee. It’s not bad to work around the house in, but not something I necessarily want to wear every single day any more. So, the hunt begins.

Anyone want to join me?

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14 thoughts on “Dressing more feminine”

  1. MEMEME!!! I’m not skirts only, but all too often, I find myself in jeans & a t-shirt. I have lots of pretty shirts (& skirts & slacks), but I find myself going back to the tees. A couple weeks ago I was just discussing that I wanted to lose the frump (LOL).

  2. Somebody needs to get me outta my husband’s t-shirts and sweatpants!

    I am up for the challenge. Should we do a weekly photo blog update or something fun?!

    Maybe a weekly fashion challenge?!

    Come on Melody, what do ya think? 🙂

    1. Sunny – that’s a great idea. I’m just not sure exactly what. I’m not the most qualified to do much with fashion – there is MUCH I need to learn!

  3. What about this idea…

    or this…

    this one is cute too, but only if you are into ruffles, I’m not that into ruffles…
    but even just the addition of flowers like the one on this shirt would really make a difference I think!

    I thought with your amazing talent on the sewing machine these might be some fun ideas for you!

  4. I would like to wear more skirts, but I have a hard time finding ones that are long enough and that look nice. I’m fighting to lose the baby pounds too and I’ve had to get transitional clothes too. Update us on your quest Mel. 🙂

  5. For several years now, I’ve been one to buy the cute little tee shirts. After looking in the closet and realizing that was all the type of shirts I have, I ventured out and bought several that button up the front at JC Penneys and I found several more at Hamrick’s on Monday.

    After wearing the button ups for a few days, I feel better about myself. ~ I look nicer too when we leave the house.

    1. That’s good to know. My main reason to avoid the button-ups is ironing for daily wear clothes. Maybe I should just quit whining about it and do it!

  6. I would love to! If only money weren’t an issue. Size is also an issue for me – as I’m plus sized and it’s so hard to find nice clothes that are age-appropriate (not made for a 75 year old woman) and within my budget (next to nothing).

    I know you’re a frugal fashionista, Melody – where do you shop for yourself without spending an arm and a leg?

    1. I’m toeing the line myself for plus right now since having Anna. You’re right – it makes it a lot harder.

      Personally I shop at a Value Village. Skirts and blouses are $3 to $4 each, and often cheaper (got a nice top the other day for $1.50 there). Our family budget is pretty low, but knowing exactly what I’m looking for helps. They also have half off sales pretty frequently, so that really helps! Their return policy is that you can only exchange items for store credit, but the store is big enough that it’s really not a problem.

  7. Me! 🙂 The clothes I wore last spring are too big. (Hooray!) So they look frumpy on me. I had very little clothes in my current size, and last summer I went through them and weeded out the ones I didn’t want to wear. So now I have only a few nice things to wear. I need to find some more clothes. 🙂 I found a few button-down shirts at Goodwill that I really like, I might hit the thrift store again soon. I just don’t like digging through people’s “dirty laundry” to try to find nice clothes!

    1. The dirty laundry thing gets to me sometimes too. It’s just a guarantee those clothes will get washed right away when we get home!

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