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Last week I was able to buy some new jewelry tools and supplies – things to start metal stamping. It’s something I’ve had my eye on for a while now.

Here are pictures of a couple necklaces that I made. The set I ordered didn’t come with a lot of necklace supplies, but I’ve already ordered more. This is getting very addictive, very quickly.

Hand Stamped Copper Hope Necklace

Hand Stamped Copper Faith Necklace
(this one is in my Etsy shop)

Right now it’s been fun to play around with the materials that came with the kit. I like the copper in the necklaces above, but eventually want to stamp sterling silver as well. I’d love to make miscarriage memorial necklaces, and have quite a few ideas already.

I thought it might get addictive (anything jewelry has that potential for me!), but this is more so than I anticipated!

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2 thoughts on “Jewelry fun”

  1. I love this copper stuff. Different designs of baby feet and butterflies and things would be neat also. I would like to have a bracelet with names and baby feet or little people or something like that in this copper stuff. I have a brats necklace but the girls are losing there color.Keep up the good work all your jewelry is always so beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Stephanie.
      I’ve actually already ordered more copper and the baby feet……just waiting for them to arrive. 🙂

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