My irises

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A couple years ago I received some iris rhizomes from a friend, as well as more from Freecycle. I knew almost nothing about iris, other than they need to be planted fairly shallow, so I planted them and hoped they’d do well. This year they’re gorgeous.

This is my favorite of all the irises in the garden. Isn’t it gorgeous?

A look inside. . .

This is the first year this darker iris has bloomed. It’s a nice contrast to the rest of them, which are mostly a paler purple like this one:


There are some really persistent weeds in this garden, so I’m hoping to dig everything up after they flower this year. The weeds are too established to get by hand (have I ever tried!), so hopefully separating and replanting the iris will help. We’ve been mulching our flowerbeds as we’ve redone them, and so far it seems to be doing better. My iris are so pretty now – hopefully they’ll look fantastic next year!

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2 thoughts on “My irises”

  1. Yes, they are gorgeous! I love the iris. It’s one of my favorites. We have a few out front with deep purple edging and golden centers. 🙂


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