MP3 Player armband

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Not too long ago I made an armband for my mp3 player so that I could work out without the cord getting in my way as much.

I followed this ipod case tutorial for the pouch and added a removable velcro band to the back.


The idea is great, but it needs work yet. The band won’t stay on my arm well enough, even if I turn it to where the player is facing in toward my arm. I’m thinking an elastic band would work better. Also, the ribbon closure looks great, but doesn’t really stay closed. That’s probably more where it’s placed though. I’ll probably add a small piece of velcro there too.

Overall, I like it. It’s cute. But it could be better too.

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2 thoughts on “MP3 Player armband”

  1. Great idea! I agree about the elastic. I have an armband that I bought that fastens with velcro, and I can never get it to stay tight.

    1. Thanks. I can’t take credit for the idea (friend on FB suggested it, actually), but I’m leaning toward it more and more.

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