In the hospital

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Last night I brought Anna to the emergency room when she was having trouble breathing. She’d been doing a little better after getting a nebulizer from the doctor on Thursday, but yesterday afternoon she got worse again. The on-call pediatrician recommended I take her in to be re-checked. I’m thankful I did.

They ended up admitting Anna for the night. She has bronchiolitis and is a pretty miserable little girl. She seems to be doing a bit better today, but is still on oxygen so it looks like she might be here tonight too.

I miss being at home, but I’m thankful for the care she can get while she’s here.

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11 thoughts on “In the hospital”

  1. Oh poor little Anna. Praying for her. Hope had RSV two weeks ago and thankfully it never turned into that. Hers was just in her head. The only reason we know it was RSV is her pediatrician tested her for it and it came back positive. She told us what to look for as far as the respiratory symptoms. I was a nervous wreck waiting to see if it was going to turn or just stay in her head.

    Try to get some rest Melody. I know that it isn’t easy.

  2. how’s my little boo-boo doing? I hope well. I do want to come see her and see how things are.
    We are praying for you and the whole family.

    Uncle PAW-PAW

    1. Mrs K, thank you.
      Bro Richard – she’s pretty miserable. We’re just waiting until she’s well enough to go home. Hopefully it’s soon.

    1. Thanks, Stephanie. Needless to say, you won’t be seeing us in the morning. Even Stephen and the boys are still sick. 🙁

  3. It’s so hard to see our little ones sick, and to have them in the hospital? Agonizing! Andrew was in for 3 days with RSV when he was 5 months old. I was a wreck, but he got well quickly. One thing the nurses kept emphasizing was that babies get sick quick and get well quick. Praying that Anna will bounce right back within a day or two, and for peace for you!

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